All About Me

Hello. My name is Mrs. Brown. I teach Art for all grade levels at Justin Elementary. I received my Fine Arts degree from Taylor University in Upland Indiana. I received my certification in Elementary Regular Ed. and Early Childhood Ed. from Texas Woman's University. I was Justin Elementary Teacher of the Year in 2004-2005. 

I love teaching Art. School is where my "other" children live. I believe all children are artists and improve their skills with practice and by becoming better observers. We need to learn to see from an artistic point of view. How was a work put together, lines, shapes, colors etc.? How does it make you feel? What was the artist trying to say? Do you like it? Why or why not? Our descriptive vocabulary improves when we really look. In my class I want children to create freely without worrying if their work is just like someone else's. Everyone has their own style and that's a really good thing. Historian Barbara Tuchman wrote, "Whether in music, or architecture, literature, painting, or sculpture, art opens our eyes and ears and feelings to something beyond ourselves, something we can not experience without the artist's vision and genius of his craft." Our children are our future creative and productive citizens. They learn respect for others by enjoying their peers' art work that graces the halls of our school. Nothing thrills me more than to see the children's colorful art work all over the walls of our school. It's also great when parents frame their children's work and e-mail me pictures of it hanging in their home. Thank you to NISD for being a school district that supports the Arts.