Art Discipline Policy

Art Discipline Policy

Classroom Procedures:

  1. Walk quietly into the room and go to your assigned seat.
  2. Listen and follow directions the first time they aregiven.
  3. Keep comments and actions positive, kind and encouraging.
  4. Use equipment properly and safely.
  5. Show respect to teachers and classmates.
  6. Clean up your area before you leave.


In my classroom, classroom procedures are practiced on a daily basis so the children become very familiar with them. Verbal reminders are given often. A verbal warning is given the first time. If a child continues to not follow a procedure they will sign the discipline book. Signing the book affects their conduct grade. I use the following questions when dealing with misbehavior and disrespect:

  1. What are you doing?
  2. What are you supposed to be doing?
  3. Are you doing it?
  4. What are you going to do? When?
  5. Excuse me, name who are you talking to?
  6. How are you supposed to talk to me? (or to them)
  7. Are you doing it?
  8. How are you going to talk to me?(or to them)

Negative comments concerning a student’s Art work isconsidered an act of disrespect. Everyone can think of at least one thing they like about a student’s work. An example would be their use of line or color etc. Only positive comments are allowed. Students are encouraged to share their feelings about a Master’s work of art. They may say they dislike something about the work but should give reasons why they don’t like it. Unsafe use of supplies can cause removal of those supplies.

I will also use the following rewards for correct behavior:

  1. Give verbal praise.
  2. Assign Special jobs- such as passing out supplies and helping clean up.
  3. Share student’s work with the class.
  4. Display their work