Library Expectations & Policies

Library Expectations

Rules - Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Ready

When Looking for a Book - 
1. Always use a shelf marker.
2. Look at the book and decide if you want to check it out.
3. Go to the checkout desk with your book or books and your  shelf marker.
4. Follow the directions to Check Out the Book or Books
- Get grade level binder
- Find teacher
- Find barcode and scan it
- Scan books barcode
- Scan "I am Finished" barcode
5. Return to your class.

When Returning a Book: Place book through the book return slot.

Library Policies

Number of Books per Student

PreK / PPCD - 1 book, in January 2 books
Kindergarten - 1 book, in January 2 books
First Grade - 2 books
Second Grade - 2 books
Third Grade - 2 books
Fourth Grade - 3 books
Fifth Grade - 3 books

- Books are checked out for 2 weeks.
- Books maybe returned early for a new one with permission from teacher.
- No fee for overdue books.
- Students with overdue books will not be able to check out a new book, until the overdue book is returned. Books can be renewed. Bring the book to the library and the librarian will assist you in renewing the book.

Fines - Students with lost or damaged books will need to pay for the item. The library will determine the cost to replace the book. Please send cash or check to pay for the fine with the library notice or pay online with credit card. If the book is found after paying, a refund can be made if it is within the same school year.