Welcome to P.E. at Justin Elementary School. We are delighted to have your child in our Physical Education program. We are looking forward to working with your child and helping to ensure he/she achieves the maximum benefits of the Physical Education program. Adhering to the following guide will promote a more positive educational environment and experience for all students:


  1. Try your BEST
  2. Work as a TEAM.
  3. We will follow ALL directions the FIRST time.
  4. We will RESPECT others and the equipment.
  5. We will keep our hands and feet to ourselves.
  6. For safety reasons NO gum or candy is allowed in the gym.
  7. We ALL will wear tennis shoes, and girls will wear shorts under their dresses.

 Some of the positive rewards include; start student, stickers, free time, and communication with parents. If students do not follow directions/rules the following procedures will be followed:


  1. Verbal Warning.
  2. Time out - Reflect about choices.
  3. Telephone call/note to parents.
  4. Referral to office (principal/assistant principal).

Our physical education program requires student participation. Appropriate attire is essential for students to maximize their learning experience in PE. Fitness activities such as jogging, push-ups and stretching are of our daily routine. Each student should have comfortable TENNIS SHOES; therefore, no boots, dress shoes, or sandals should be worn to, or during, physical education class. 

If your child does not wear the proper attire, his/her grade may be affected because it will limit their participation.

If supplying your child with tennis shoes for P.E. presents a challenge for your family, please let me know and we can work together to find resources.

It is also important that I know if your child has been ill and is unable to participate in physical activities for a particular day. You can let me know by sending a note. Upon receipt of a written request by a parent, a student may be excused for no more than a three day period from participation in P.E. (due to illness). If a medical condition requires a student to be excused from PE for longer than three days, a doctor’s/physician’s note is necessary.
Without a note your child must participate in physical education activities.


Dana L. Bates
Justin Elementary
PE Teacher
817 215 0802